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MY 1ST GYM | Morningside Panthers

Morningside Panthers Your Local Community and Football Club - since 1951

Morningside Panthers

Inspiring Movement

  • MyFirstGym is a destination for kids to fall in love with movement and fitness, a place that supports skill development and inspires kids to move their bodies through their most important developmental years.
  • Did you know that 8 out of 10 Aussie kids aren’t getting the recommended amount of physical activity each day?
  • At a time when they are most formable, children are learning that fun comes in the form of a computer or mobile device, and that physical activity is something that they only participate in because they have to, rather than something they enjoy and look forward to.

Making Fitness Fun

  • Catering for kids aged 7 months to 13 years, we offer curriculum-based and speciality classes like Yoga, Athletics, Gymnastics and Ninja Warrior
  • All of which are designed to be used in conjunction with the innovative MyMovementBuddy wearable technology, built especially for our kids.

  • MyFirstGym is located around the back of the Morningside Panther’s football club and upstairs
  • It is a joint venture of the MyFirstGym organisation and the Morningside Panthers, operated by MyFirstGym