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Sponsor 2017 Season Kick Off Breakfast
Great morning with our fantastic sponsors! Special thanks to our guest speakers Dean Warren - AFLQ CEO, Greg Swann - CEO Lions, Steve Wildschut - Panthers Senior Coach, MC David Farrell and in particular, Sam Virgo Vice Captain of the Lions on the eve of the historic AWFL Grand Final. We are very lucky to have such great supporters of the Panthers. Roll on Season 2017!

Back Oval

A message from the Morningside Panthers AFC Chair of the Board regarding the ‘back oval’ – Hawthorne Park:

"We are aerating the back oval today (Tuesday 21 March) to try and break up the crust a little more and allow the soil to be penetrated giving a softer surface hopefully soon.

It is a two year program and we only started in the middle of last year. So far we have we have put an Agri-vator machine across it to break up the soil. This machine loosened the soil better than an aerator. We then added one tonne of soil amendments (gypsum,carbon,silica) with 200kg of fertiliser. This will give the existing turf a chance to grow and hopefully cover over some of the bare areas.

In summary, we're treating the field in 2 stages.
1st to loosen the soil and add nutrients.
2nd to address turf cover and surface levels

Whilst this is our current plan and with funding and Brisbane City Council license restraints, this is all we can really do and is only beneficial if we have lots of water, which only arrived on the weekend (three month drought in Hawthorne!). Lourdes Hill College (through a contract arrangement) assist us in watering the oval twice a week but can only be done during the day, hence it disappears very quickly and does not get the penetrating effect that we would like at night. if a junior parent/volunteer would come forward and assist with night watering, this would assist us greatly. The process takes around 2-3 hours, to water the whole oval and also costs money."

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