Our Policies and Procedures

Our club's activities are governed by our club constitution, supported by its policies.  The Juniors operate under the auspices of the Club's constitution.  Beyond these key documents are various procedures, that are modified from time to time, as the need arises.  Click on the links below to view the various documents.

Conduct within the Clubhouse

In order to provide the best possible experience for the diverse group of people that use our clubhouse each day, a series of club policies are in place. Our staff are directed to apply the policies and are supported by the Board in doing so.

Two policies directly relate to the conduct of members and visitors in our clubhouse, these being Culture & Behaviour and Drug & Alcohol.  Both are displayed in the reception area, and also in the bar, as it is a condition of entry to the clubhouse that patrons comply with club policies. 

Of particular note are the provisions with respect to acceptable language, treating staff with respect, following the directions of staff and the responsible consumption of alcohol.  We ask all members to acquaint themselves with these straightforward and brief policies.

The Club and individual staff members also have significant legal responsibilities with regard to upholding liquor licensing laws and the responsible serving of alcohol.  The Board fully supports staff in the application of these responsibilities.  Failure to meet these responsibilities exposes the club, staff and individual members to substantial fines.

Apart from the usual requirements of the law, we wish to remind all members that, under the provisions of our liquor license, alcoholic drinks are specifically excluded from the change-rooms and beyond the confines of our clubhouse and the concourse that overlooks the main oval.  

This means that alcoholic drinks may not under any circumstances be brought onto any part of our premises and drinks may not be taken into the change-rooms, past our front door, onto the ovals, past our side gate or beyond the concourse.

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